A very warm welcome to the Wadi Bih Run which is one of the oldest sporting and social events in the region and provides a great day out / weekend away in the spectacular setting of the Musandam peninsular with the Hajar mountain’s and the Gulf of Oman.

Please download the following documentation to bring with you to the run;


Race Packs are to be collected from:

LOCATION: Reebok Store, Dubai Mall
SCHEDULE: From 26th of January to 31st of January
REGISTRATION CLOSES: 23.59 Thur 29th Jan
Anyone registering after after 23:59 Wednesday 24th January, are to collect their Race Packs from the event Registration Desk
TIMING: 10AM - 10PM,
INCLUDES: Race Shirt, Race Bibs, Vehicle Stickers & *Instruction Booklet
*Instruction Booklet Contents:
Wadi Bih Instructions
Important Safety Information
The Wadi Bih 5 Commandments
Driving Direction DWTC to Golden Tulip Hotel Map
Driving Direction Round About 1 to Golden Tulip Hotel Map
Golden Tulip Site Map
Run Start Map
Reebok Wadi Bih Run 2018 Route Map
Race Route Map - Mountain 72 / Team 72
Race Route Map - Canyon 50 / Team 50
Race Route Map - Zighy 30
Route Stage Description - Mountain 72 / Team 72
Route Stage Description - Canyon 50 / Team 50
Team 72 Timesheet
Team 50 Timesheet


Race Packs not collected, as per the above schedule will be transferred to the event location, GT Hotel Dibba, Oman, and can be claimed as follows

Solos & Team 50: 6–11pm Thursday 1st February or 4am Friday 2nd February
Team 72: 6–11pm Friday 2nd February or 4am Saturday 3rd February

VEHICLE STICKERS (for Teams only)

Please place the 2 Vehicles Stickers on the front and back windows (on the right-hand sides looking in) at the event location ONLY.  This will avoid any issues with the local authorities.


NB: You must take your original Passport for border crossing!

It is essential that EVERYBODY [- runners, drivers, supporters etc. -], including Omani residents (who are not Omani nationals) travelling to the event location, each has their original passport with them to present at the UAE-Omani border post in Dibba, Oman. This is not a formal entry point but (following your online registration) your passport & visa details will have been forwarded to the police at the border post and they will cross check against this list to permit your entry.

NB: Keep the A4 paper border pass the police provide. You need to present it upon exit.

With the large number of participants expected at the run each day there could be delays and queues at the border post, hence allow adequate time to reach the event location (registration desk and starting point), and please remain patient and courteous with the police at the border post.

NB: NO LIQUOR! Entering or exiting the border. Violators will be put behind bars!