The lure of the great outdoors and the unique rugged mountain environment in the Musandam mountains is not something that appeals to everyone but over the years the Wadi Bih Run has accumulated a dedicated following of both hardcore athletes and outdoor junkies.

Supporters list

Our most comprehensively list of all of the long-term supporters of the event

Adrian Hayes

Darryl Charles9

Steve Grigg

Nick Watson

Jeremy Curren

Liz driver

Rob McLaughlin

Kevin West

Steve Ray

Rory McCrae

Dee McHenry

Meet the original runs volunteers and our staunchest supporters

The original runs relied on the dedication and hard work of a group of volunteers and some of our staunchest supporters from the old days

Barbara Couldroy

Paul Oliver

Louise Galbraith

Paul Rivers

Babu kurien

Helen Rodd

Alan Pimm Smith

if you have any interesting photographs of your participation in the Wadi Bih Run and story to tell with your experiences please forward these to us and we will include them in our website. SEND US A MESSAGE .


14th March 2020