Running Clubs that support the Wadi Bih Run

The early editions of the Wadi Bih Run in the 1990s brought together a wide variety of runners from those of a very social disposition that needed to be regularly dehydrated to the more serious endorphin driven competitive types and there was fierce rivalry between the local running groups which in the early days was Dubai Road runners, Abu Dhabi striders and the Al Ain Amblers. These clubs are still very active and has been many new running clubs established and we thank them for their continuing support of the Wadi be run.

Desert Road Runners (DRR)

The Desert Road Runners (DRR) is a running group founded in Dubai and was formerly known as Dubai Road Runners. It is one of the oldest running club in Dubai and is marked with its annual 10 km race. The club was founded by John Nolan and subsequently the chairman was Graham Rafferty who was an influential and inspiring figure for new runners to develop and fulfil their potential. Graham was a regular participant in the Wadi Bih Run and along with his wife Katrina was also the official timekeeper.

The Desert Road Runners is now operated and licensed by Servee Holman from Hopatec Sports Services who is a staunch supporter of the Wadi Bih Run..


For further details check out: The Desert Road Runners (DRR) website .

Dubai Creek Striders

The Dubai Creek Striders Running Club was founded 1995 by Malcolm Murphy with a very small band of hard-core long-distance running enthusiasts, including Mario, who were training for marathons and ultramarathons such as the contracts run in South Africa. The inaugural Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon run, with a field size of 150 runners, was held first held in 2001 and has gone on to become one of the regions leading sporting events.

In 2011 Terry Hislop was elected chairman and Malcolm Murphy elected Honorary President and both have been staunch supporters of the Wadi Bih Run.


For further details check out: The Dubai Creek Striders website .

Mirdif Milers Running Club

The Mirdif Milers Running Club was established by Martin Scadden to cover running enthusiast in Mushrif, Mizhar and Kawaneej Vets. Over the years they have regularly entered competitive teams for the Wadi be run.


For further details check out: The Mirdif Milers Running Club website .

Super Sports ABRaS Athletics

The Super Sports ABRaS Athletics is a Dubai based running group operated and licensed by Super Sports Dubai. The group was established by Nick and Anna Beryl and over the years entered a number of very competitive teams into the Wadi be run.


For further details check out: The Super Sports ABRaS Athletics website .