The run is in the beautiful mountain surroundings of Oman and starts at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dibba, Oman and is on asphalt road, then gravel track to an altitude of 1000m for a distance of approximately 36 km & then returns to the start – total distance approximately 72km.


All the solo events will be a mass start with a short briefing of 15 minutes before the commencement of the run.

  • Mountain 72 run will start at 4:30AM
  • Canyon 50 at 5:00AM
  • Zighy 30 at 5:30AM

It is advised that each participant brings warm and windproof clothing, including a scarf as it can get cold in the early hours, and a mask to cover the nose and mouth as it gets very dusty in the wadi. NOTE: It is dark at the start of the race, so please bring a head torch and batteries.

The Organizing Team will provide water, energy drinks & food at check points 4, 9 & 12. Otherwise, you need to be self-sufficient with all your clothing, first aid kits, head torch and most importantly, your food and energy drinks.

Participants can provide bags with any clothing and provisions required, to be taken to the specific check points (CP9 or CP4 for Mountain 72, CP9 for Canyon 50, and CP9 for Zighy 30). The bags will be transported back to the start point but only at the end of the run, approx. 5-6pm.

NOTE: No valuables such as wallet, phone and the like are allowed in the bag drops. The Organizing Team will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure to follow these instructions.

The Absolute Adventure marshals at check points 4, 9 & 12 are medically trained and have first aid kits. If a participant is injured or drops out of the run, the marshals at check points 4, 9 & 12 will transport him/her back to the start but only at the end of the run, approx. 5-6pm. Alternatively, he/she may be able to get a lift back in a team vehicle.

The Organizing Team strongly recommend that participants pool resources with other solo supporters if they have a support crew and car so as to reduce congestion in the wadi and improve safety. This can be arranged via our Facebook page in advance, or on the Thursday evening before the race.