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For the 2019/2020 sporting season the Wadi Bih Run will repeat the success of the inaugural 2018 Hatta event whilst keeping the original race in Dibba in January 2020. This will provide two runs over the sporting calendar in 2019/2020. The run will stay in line with its values of being an escape from the city to run over rugged terrain and in the mountains, giving the event its unique flavor as one of the most popular sporting and social events in the region. The route and the categories will be identical to last year’s – 2019 which was the 27th edition.

Dibba run categories

2020/2021 sporting season the Wadi Bih Run

Team 60

Team 60 - The Classic Wadi Bih Run - Since 1993

5 team members take turns running each leg of the race departing from the beach on asphalt roads to gravel tracks with some single track on the mountain and in the wadi around a beautiful lake at the Dibba Dam. A Great Bonding and Team-Building Event.

Team Buddy

Team Buddy

Since its inception in 1993 the classic Wadi Bih team run has provided thousands of runners release from the hustle and bustle of concrete jungle city living. A hallmark of the run is the team members running together on the first and last legs to form a long lasting fraternal bond. This year we are taking this fraternal concept further with the TEAM BUDDY category where 2 runners will cover each stage giving more run kms to each participant. Running pairs (buddies) can rotate on different stages depending on individual runner strengths. The TEAM BUDDY category provides the opportunity for experiencing the unique rugged beautiful environment of the Musandam mountains and Gulf Of Oman with friends or family for eternal memories.

Lake 15


Solo race starting from the Dibba Beach Resort, running parallel to the beach past palm plantations, passing through an Omani Village, towards the , Village Of Bidi, before crossing the Wadi Bed to experience the beautiful mountains running around the turquoise colored lake before turning and taking in the Dibba Dam lake view.

Zighy 30


Solo race giving a unique racing experience, testing your endurance on asphalt and gravel roads into the ever-converging Wadi and then a steep climb on a zig-zag road to the Six Senses Resort in Ziggy Bay. A great challenge and opportunity to experience the beautiful secluded and rarely visited Ziggy Bay.

Canyon 50


Solo 50 kms race testing your core strength, stability through the canyon carved out of the rocky escarpment. Savour the experience of passing through Wadi Khabb Shamsi, formed by flash floods over thousands of years of geological evolution.

Mountain 72


Experience the diverse geography of the Wild Musandam Hajar Mountains from the picturesque azure Blue Gulf Of Oman, passing through the rugged coastal mountains to the Village Of Bidi and a Hidden Valley with a kaleidoscope of green and purple geological strata before ascending the converging walls of a Canyon to the narrows via the washed out Wadi Bed, before turning and descending to climb the Steep Zig Zag Road to Ziggy Bay and the Six Senses Resort.


All the solo events will be a mass start with a short briefing of 15 minutes before the commencement of the run.

Mountain 72 run will start at 4:30AM Canyon 50 at 5:00AM Zighy 30 at 5:30AM

- It is advised that each participant brings warm and windproof clothing, including a scarf as it can get cold in the early hours, and a mask to cover the nose and mouth as it gets very dusty in the wadi. - The Organizing Team will provide water, energy drinks & food at check points. Otherwise, you need to be self-sufficient with all your clothing, first aid kits, head torch and most importantly, your food and energy drinks. - Participants can provide bags with any clothing and provisions required, to be taken to the specific check points. The bags will be transported back to the start point but only at the end of the run, approx. 4:00 PM. - The Supersports marshals at check points are medically trained and have first aid kits. If a participant is injured or drops out of the run, the marshals at check points will transport him/her back to the start but only at the end of the run, approx. 4:00 PM. Alternatively, he/she may be able to get a lift back in a team vehicle. - The Organizing Team strongly recommend that participants pool resources with other solo supporters if they have a support crew and car so as to reduce congestion in the wadi and improve safety. This can be arranged via our Facebook page in advance, or on the Thursday evening before the race.