(Date to be confirmed soon)


Keep the A4 paper border pass the police provide. You need to present it upon exit.

It is essential that EVERYBODY [- runners, drivers, supporters etc. -], including Omani residents (who are not Omani nationals) travelling to the event location, each has their original passport with them to present at the UAE-Omani border post in Dibba, Oman. This is not a formal entry point but (following your online registration) your passport & visa details will have been forwarded to the police at the border post and they will cross check against this list to permit your entry.

NO LIQUOR! Entering or exiting the border. Violators will be put behind bars!

With the large number of participants expected at the run each day there could be delays and queues at the border post, hence allow adequate time to reach the event location (registration desk and starting point), and please remain patient and courteous with the police at the border post.

Everyone must collect their border passes