The run will stay in line with its values of being an escape from the city and see participants run over rugged terrain in the Hatta mountains, giving the event its unique flavor as of the most popular sporting/social events in the region.

30th Adventure HQ

Wadi Bih Run Hatta run categories 2022/2023

Hatta 2023

30th Adventure HQ Wadi Bih Run Hatta 2023

Join us on Sunday, 29th January 2023 for the 30th edition of one of the longest standing sports and social events in the region. All run categories start and finish at the Wadi Hub at Hatta Resorts, a magnificent new sports and activity center located in Wadi Hatta, an easy drive from Dubai.
There are numerous sports and activities available at the Wadi Hub at Hatta Resorts including mountain biking, drop-in water slide, and archery, which family, children, and friends can enjoy whilst the runners are out on the course. The overall route for the 35K and 70K categories is a circular loop starting in the lush waterfilled reed beds of Wadi Hatta then climbing the prominent peak adjacent to the border, then down to and along Wadi Fay to Hatta village, the Hatta Dam and Lake, back through Hatta village and Wadi Hatta.

Team 70

Team 70 - The classic relay

This team relay category follows the original successful format followed since the first run in 1993 for a team of five runners with alternative individuals running sequential stages. The route follows the Hatta loop twice. Whether you're a group of friends, a family, school/college, company or other organization, please join us to experience a challenging, wonderful day out in the beautiful unique environment of Hatta. Each runner will cover approximately 15K.

Team 35

Team 35 - Social relay

This category follows the team 70 format but runners complete one circuit of the Hatta loop with each runner completing about 7K. This relay category has proved extremely popular for people new to running, families with children and corporate teams. The route stages between checkpoints are split into sections of varying difficulty to cater for all.

Solo 10

Solo 10 - Wadi Explorer

Runners follow the meandering watercourse and lush reed beds down the wadi on gravel track and MTB single track past the newly formed lake and the dam to the UAE-Oman border fence and return on the same route.

Solo 20

Solo 20 - Hatta Hill

Runners follow the solo 10 route to the UAE-Oman border and then start the initially gradual but increasing the steep ascent to the high point of the road at over 600 m altitude before returning on the same route.

Solo 35

Solo 35 - Hatta loop

Runners follow the solo 20 route to the high point of the hill and continue on the well graded track adjacent the UAE-Oman border fence down into Wadi fay to Hatta village, the Hatta Dam and Lake, back through Hatta village and Wadi Hatta.

Solo 70

Solo 70 - Hatta heroes

This category was brought back due to popular demand by the hard-core trail running community in the region to enable a double dosage savoring the full delights of the Hatta loop course twice.