Welcome to Hatta Hub by Meraas

The Hatta Hub by Meraas is located in Hatta which is an exclave of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, high in the Hajar Mountains.

The Hatta Hub by Meraas is around 125 km south east of Dubai city and reaching the site is not complicated, it's around 90 minutes scenic drive from Dubai through the desert & spectacular Hajjar Mountains. Take S 112 , Maliha road from Dubai and follow E -102 route towards Hatta.

The Hatta Hub is a centre for various sports and outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking and kayaking.

There are a number of options available for run participants who would like to make a weekend of it and stay overnight at the various lodges or farms.

There are also camping facilities with toilets and showers and in line with the traditions of the WBR runners are encouraged to camp the night before. The camping facilities will be available from 4 PM on 4th February, 2021.

There are a number of other tourist attractions in Hatta including a restored, centuries-old Hatta Heritage Village features a defensive tower, stone houses with palm-frond roofs, and falaj, the traditional water system. Other exhibits include traditional weapons, furniture and crockery.

At the nearby Hatta Dam, the Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point overlooks the pools of striking green water.


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