Important Safety Information

We want you to have a fun race and your safety is our top priority.
Please take a moment to read these instructions and keep them in mind during the run.


Keep hydrated

Solo runners especially, the wadi is dry and hot; you are running in an extreme environment.

Drive safely

The wadi track is narrow and steep in places; stay alert for other runners and cars.

Keep your speed down to avoid picking up dust

It’s not only a pain to run through but it reduces visibility in the wadi, which could lead to accidents.

Support runners

Please offer solo runners support if requested as some of them may have no direct support vehicles. You can recognize them by the different bib number ranges.


Assess the situation. If the injury is minor, use team support to transport to nearest marshal point. Ensure the safety of the incident scene by warning other teams and drivers. Call the Event Management on the numbers listed and try to send a message to the nearest marshal point by communicating:

  • Your name and position
  • The nature of incident, state the facts
  • The location of the incident (by distance to the Check Points or distinguishable landmark)
  • Wait for instructions from the Marshalls or Event Management

Marshalls will be wearing yellow vests. Please follow their advice on the best course of action.

Event Management Emergency Contact Numbers will be advised at registration


5th February 2021


13th November 2020